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Top Kit vs. Bottom Kit

Top Kit

You'll want a Top Kit if:

There is less than 1.5 inches (38mm) of clearance between the tank and the throttle housing at full right turn.

There's a heated grip wire that comes out of the bottom half of your rubber grip flange.

Bottom Kit

You'll want a Bottom Kit if:

There's a heated grip wire that comes out the top half of your rubber grip flange.

There are no other interferences. The majority of motorcycles will be able to use the Bottom Kit.

How to Determine Fitment

Will it fit your motorcycle?

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Steps to determine fitment

Step 1: Check for adequate spacing for the ATLAS between the throttle housing and the grip flange.

All you need is a gap of 2.5 mm or greater between the grip and the throttle housing. That's roughly 3 thick bank cards wide. If you need more space than this, you can most likely pull back your grip flange to gain the room needed. Please play the video under the section "Will it for your motorcycle" and scroll to 33 seconds. This will show you how to pull the grip flange back.

Step 2: Use our 'Make, Model and Year' search tool to locate your motorcycle. The search tool will show you exactly which unit to purchase. If you can't find your motorcycle, please click the Contact Us button below. We are happy to help you make this decision.

If you can't find your model and you know which kit you need, select 'Other' in the 'Model' section to gain access to all kits.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Would you like more help determining which ATLAS Throttle Lock would best fit your motorcycle?

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Model Specific Notes

Model Specific Videos

Included with the Kit

Your kit comes with everything you need to mount the ATLAS on many different motorcycles.

  • Installation Instruction
  • T10 Torx L-Key
  • 2 - M3 Bolts with thread locker
  • 4 - Slide-on Friction Pads
  • 1 - ATLAS Key
  • Stickers

Friction Pads

Everything you need to know about using the friction pads with the ATLAS Throttle Lock.

Friction Pads are required.
The ATLAS Throttle Lock was designed to be used with friction pads. Friction pads can last 60,000 miles or more as long as you choose the right pad for your bike. You will also preserve your pad by avoiding any contact with your throttle housing’s sharp seam. This is explained in our installation instructions.
Which friction pad should you use?
The friction pads come in 4 different thicknesses. You will only need to apply one pad to your ATLAS. Watch our installation videos and follow the instructions to determine which friction pad works best.
Are the friction pads adjustable?
Yes, they are! The pegs at the end of the friction pads have 2 equally spaced notches which can be cut off to move the friction pad away from the throttle housing’s curved ridge. This is explained in our installation instructions.

Installing the ATLAS Throttle Lock

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The ATLAS Throttle Lock was built for adventure and motorcycle touring.

The ATLAS Throttle Lock will give you the cruising capabilities your motorcycle has been missing since day one. Go farther with the ATLAS on your next group ride, moto-camping trip or Iron Butt.
You may be wondering if the ATLAS can handle everything you have planned for it. Rest assured, we have riders actively circumnavigating the planet with the ATLAS. You are in good company, no matter which continent you're on. We're out there riding with you! Find our channel on Youtube

Customer Reviews

Based on 794 reviews
Steven Scheibel
Great addition to my ride

After doing much research, I decided to purchase the Atlas Throttle Lock for my motorcycle (Honda CB900F). It was a great decision. I can now go for much longer rides without my hand cramping.

Sadie Ericson
Simple and effective!

The old plastic throttle lock on my 1981 CBX fell apart so I was forced to hold the throttle all the time, very tiring.
The ATLAS came and was so simple to install that I questioned how well it would work.
I have found that it works! Easy to engage and disengage, just what I wanted.

Scott Sellers
My Second

The ATLAS throttle lock was the first thing I added to my new motorcycle! This new bike is throttle by wire and is a little more difficult to find the sweet spot, but it's not the fault of the ATLAS.

Never road trip with throttle arm cramps again!

Pondering whether you want it or not? You don’t want it, you need it. Trust ATLAS, they’ve struck gold with this. You think it seems expensive? It’s worth 3x the price. I’d buy one every year if they were disposable. But, they’re made of high quality materials; it’ll probably outlive my bike. My first 50,000 miles on two wheels were all natural throttle cramping, but I promise you the next 50k are going to be straight up blissful.

Sincerely, one real rider to another (‘18 Street Triple, ‘97 Zuki GS500)

Paul F.
Must-have for long trips

Installed these on two Kawasaki bikes before starting an 8-hour ride to the Badlands NP. The first took a bit to install (I had to roll back the grip flange to get enough clearance), but once you figure it out it's really a piece of cake. I've done trips without throttle locks before, but I'll never go back now. The Atlas is easy to use, reliable, and stays out of the way of the other controls. Worth every penny.

Tom Gunderson
Atlas Throttle Lock

I purchase for my Moto Guzzi Stelvio. It was very easy to identify the correct equipment, easy instillation and easy to change friction pads to adjust the throttle hold. I found the throttle lock is easy to operate and simple on the go throttle adjustment. I would highly recommend the Atlas Throttle Lock.

Ian Macdonald
It works!

Simple! It just works!

Louis Deveaux

ATLAS Throttle Lock

Piotr Michalowski

Works good i had to file the block little shame they dont do sizes like 2.5 or 3.5 woukd be perfect but works fine

Matt Larkin
Good fit 2015 Bonneville t120

The throttle lock works great. I did have to shave down the side of the throttle on the Bonneville so that it was a uniform flat service. That did not take too much time and now it works great.