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ATLAS Throttle Lock
Armand Medina
An improved product

I bought an Atlas throttle lock a couple of years ago for my Duke 390 and it used a stick on friction pad. It worked fine, but I really like the new design with the slot to hold the friction pad. It works great on my new Z900rs cafe, which did not come with cruise control. I recommend it to all my friends with vintage bikes or who have bikes with that weird bar end lock. It is much easier to use your thumb to activate and deactivate the throttle lock on the Atlas.

ATLAS Hardware Pack
Joseph Lo Re
Atlas Throttle Lock with Hardware Pack

Best upgrade I have every made to my cruiser. I would recommend this to anyone that takes long trips.

Really Good and Adjustable

There aren't many "universal" products that end up being actually universal. While this doesn't work with EVERY handlebar grip, it definitely works with most that are worth having. Not only has this worked well for me on two bikes ('93 sportster and '08 Shadow), but it perfectly survived a full front-end wreck that exploded my forks with no damage to it. Definitely recommend!

ATLAS Throttle Lock
Hans Jolivet
Great piece of kit!

I had a very good experience with buying the Atlas throttle lock, the Atlas team was very helpful.
The lock took about 15min to install, it works well and I don't know how I have managed to ride long distances before without one. Totally recommend one to anyone who hasn't got a cruise control system!

Great design, looks, and function

Over the past 21 years, I’ve used the universal type throttle lock with the ring clamp, the bar end type, and now the Atlas. The Atlas is the best combination of looks and ease of use that I’ve found. I have a top mount on a CB300R, and a bottom mount on a Moto Guzzi V7. I’ve only used them for a few months, but I’m happy so far. It’s a quality product.

Installation was easy, but you'll want to pay attention to the instructions. With both of my bikes, the space between the grip and throttle housing was too small, and I had to pull back the flanged end of the grip slightly. They explain on their web site and it only took a minute. This allowed for a perfect fit.

I would buy it again. Not cheap, but worth the money in my opinion.

ATLAS Throttle Lock
Tyler Young
Bad instructions.

Still trying to figure out how to install this thing. Instructions are bad. I can’t find a video. It could be my fault, I have after market grips on my bike. That could be the problem. But it just seems really loose and not practical. Also, bought this item at a really for full price. Then a month later it went on sale. Usually when I buy products at rallies they have rally pricing.

ATLAS Throttle Lock
Maryann Domery
Awesome throttle lock

I have had at least 3 others and this one is by far the best one. It is very easy to use along with feeling safe when using it. I set it once use my throttle with adjusting the lock for increase or decrease in speed and cruise along. I have not had any issues.

ATLAS Throttle Lock
Richard Nalepa
Throttle lock

Purchased at Americade used all of 2023 not one problem absolutely love it would recommend

ATLAS Throttle Lock
Blair Craft
Simple but effective solution to sore wrists

I’ve tried several throttle locks and have found the Atlas to be the most effective for the price. I would recommend this to anyone looking to relieve their wrists on long rides.

ATLAS Throttle Lock
Mohammed Abdo
Great product

Highly recommended product. Very simple and does the job.

Simple and Effective

This throttle lock is well made , durable and effective. I've put thousands of miles on a bike using this thing and am very satified with it's operation. It has extended my touring range. That said, I did update it with a kit purchased from Atlas at the last MOA national that improved the original set up installed at a previous rally. I couldn't get the original setup to work reliably. The update kit solved any issues. I am considering it for my other bike that I use for interstate trolling.

ATLAS Throttle Lock
Stephen Martin
Throttle lock

Bought this from the inventor himself at last year’s ABR festival after reading promising reviews, so glad I bought one have used it on two of my bikes very easy to fit works perfectly, transformed my riding, no more numb fingers, so pleased thank you 🙏

ATLAS Throttle Lock
Mr Alex Chandler
UK ironbutt rider

This helps with long distance riding making my challenge rides more tolerable. I like to ride hands free on straights for comfort this I could ride for a while without adjusting my throttle also used on the 1000 mile ride under 24hours well worth the purchase

ATLAS Throttle Lock
Wayne Robinson
Wayne in NZ

Added the Atlas to my Ducati Streetfighter and it works well. Allows to shake out numb hands which I suffer from quite a bit. Takes a bit of mucking around to get it in the right place. Expensive for what it is, but still wouldn't be without it.

ATLAS Throttle Lock
Chris Tomblin
Excellent piece of gear

This thing works great! I finally gave in after seeing numerous people with them and I’m glad I did. Just engage it and give your hand a rest. Do yourself a favor and get one, especially if you do long distance travel.

Just what I needed

Although not many long straight roads here in Tasmania, definitely on a long ride I much appreciate giving the throttle hand a break for 10 to 20 seconds, fairly easy to fit the mechanism and works a treat!!

Well made and does the job as promised.

ATLAS Throttle Lock
Russell Parker
Just what I was looking for on those long rides

Awesome & easy

ATLAS Throttle Lock
Robert Kestner

ATLAS Throttle Lock

ATLAS Throttle Lock

i bought two of them. We rode from Argentina to Alaska, 18500Km. Indispensable and worked perfectly throughout the entire journey.

ATLAS Throttle Lock
Kenneth Owen
that's a mighty strong grip you got their.

I got this grip to deal with long distance hand fatigue. It works. It's easy to install. As it turns out I'm not a huge fan of using it. It works 100% as promised and I think it's great value for the price. I'm just using it less then expected. It still requires constant adjustments as the wind buffets you or inclines change. I never realized how many micro corrections I actually make. It has a place on my bike but it's not as beneficial as I had expected. If you go in with clear expectations you will be satisfied with the value.

ATLAS Throttle Lock
Justin Geisel
Throttle lock BMW GS 1200

Love the simplicity of this product. Even after a crash was able to bend the parts back and make operable. God send for right wrist nerve damage

ATLAS Throttle Lock
Little Mule
It’s a throttle lock

After hearing/reading positive reviews, I put it on a ‘17 F800 GSA. I’ve had it for a little over a year or so. My main use of it is not so much for “cruise control”, but rather to free up my right hand to make an adjustment or push a button on my com. For me, it works perfect for this purpose. The design is simple and the quality is good.

Good to go!

Helps save my hand for a few minutes at a time on my KLR.

New design

New design pressure pad works very well